The Send Residency is a three-year program of Greenbriar Church designed to train and equip church planters as they serve on full-time staff in a residency environment. Believing the local church, as God designed it, is the hope of the world, Greenbriar seeks to provide aspiring church planters a healthy church environment to learn, grow, and practice ministry as well as prepare to plant.
Greenbriar Church desires to select men who love Christ, love the local church, and love people. Applicants must align with our primary theological distinctives:

Reformed Theology
Complementarian view
Gospel Centrality

Those selected for the residency will receive a full time job with full time pay and commit to moving to the Albany area, where they will serve at Greenbriar as a Church Planting Resident for three years. The hope would be, if possible, to plant a church within a 50 mile radius of Albany - this however is negotiable.