Sunday Gathering Resources

Here are a few resources to aid in your time of worship as you gather with your family (or virtually with your MC!)

We wanted to make these resources available to you during this time of us not physically meeting together. We hope that you will use these resources as your family worships together or as you virtually meet with your Missional Community.

Personal and Family Resources


We delight in seeing disciples of Jesus grow and flourish in their daily walks. It is our hope that this podcast will help you become more amazed with Christ and the gospel and in turn help you more faithfully follow Him and lead others to do the same.

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Thou hast revealed to me myself
as a mass of sin,
and thyself as the fullness of goodness,
with strength enough to succour me,
wisdom enough to guide me,
mercy enough to quicken me,
love enough to satisfy me.
Thou hast shown me that because thou art mine
I can live by thy life,
be strong in thy strength,
be guided by thy wisdom;
and so I can pitch my thoughts and heart in thee.
This is the exchange of wonderful love —
for me to have thee for myself,
and for thee to have me, and to give me thyself.
There is in thee all fullness of the good I need,
and the fullness of all grace to draw me to thyself,
who, else, could never have come.
But having come, I must cleave to thee,
be knit to thee,
always seek thee.
There is none all good as thou art:
With thee I can live without other things,
for thou art God all-sufficient,
and the glory, peace, rest, joy of the world
is a creaturely, perishing thing
in comparison with thee.
Help me to know that he who hopes for nothing
but thee,
and for all things only for thee, hopes truly,
and that I must place all my happiness in holiness,
if I hope to be filled with all grace.
Convince me that I can have no peace at death,
nor hope that I should go to Christ,
unless I intend to do his will
and have his fullness while I live.

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June 14 Resources


What is the Lord’s Supper?

Christ commanded all Christians to eat bread and to drink from the cup in thankful remembrance of him and his death. The Lord’s Supper is a celebration of the presence of God in our midst; bringing us into communion with God and with one another; feeding and nourishing our souls. It also anticipates the day when we will eat and drink with Christ in his Father’s kingdom.

Who is communion for? 

  • All believers who follow Jesus. (Matt 26:26-29)
  • We practice open communion – a person doesn’t have to be a member of our church to partake in communion.
  • Children who have not professed Christ as Lord: Parents with young children who have not yet made a mature, believable profession of faith in Christ and have been baptized, let this be a time for them to observe their you taking communion and discuss later with them about what communion means and how it demonstrates the gospel.
  • Adults who have not yet professed Christ as Lord: For those who are not yet saved we ask you to refrain from communion today – not because we want to exclude you, but because we love you. The Scriptures teach communion is for those in Christ (1Cor 10:17, 11:29-30, Rev 19:9) and if you are not saved, we want you to feel the weight of that matter and come to know and follow Jesus.


Sermon Passage

John 20:11-23

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