Our Beliefs

If we long to raise children who know how to follow Jesus and submit their lives to him, we start with the gospel of Jesus! More than a list of practical strategies, we need the gospel of Jesus to transform our hearts over and over again, in all areas of our lives including our parenting. This is the only way we can hope to teach, train, correct, rebuke and guide our children in the hopes that one day they will become disciples of Jesus who seek to glorify God above all else. So start with the gospel. As parents, we need to spend time in the Word of God (the Bible) to hear from God ourselves as we train our children in righteousness, to see and savor Christ as their only hope for rescue. We need to be growing in our Spirit-lead submission to God as disciples ourselves! If you need help, reach out to us through our Next Steps Card and we can connect you with one of our Missional Communities who will help you be a disciple of Jesus who makes disciples of Jesus.

Where to start

We recommend starting with these resources if you don't know where to start!

The Jesus Storybook Bible

Truth and Grace Memory Books

Family Worship: In the Bible, In History, and In Your Home

For Kids

For Parents