Keynote Speaker

Jared Pickney

Jared lives in Paragould, AR with his wife, Meagan, and three kids - Nora Kate, Wyatt and Moses. Jared is the pastor for teaching and vision at The Crossing Church, a church he planted in 2012. The church is built around a really simple idea. To practice the way of Jesus, together, for the purpose of seeing the world look less like hell and more like heaven. Jared served as a board member for the Soma family of churches for two years, was a co-host for the Saturate podcast, and continues to coach pastors and church planters. Jared received his education from Arkansas State University and Southern Seminary. His hobbies include tennis and gardening.

Breakout Speakers

Tommy Rutledge

Tommy had a radical conversion to Jesus in 1996 during his sophomore year in college at NCSU. He moved to Texas in 2001 to go through a 1-year discipleship program and went on to earn a ThM in Pastoral Leadership/Historical Theology from Dallas Theological Seminary in 2007. After serving for several years in vocational ministry, Tommy and his wife Celeste felt called to plant a Church in Asheville with the Soma family of Churches. Tommy has over 20 years of ministry experience and is burdened to see the lost children of God find their way back home. Tommy and Celeste have been married for 13 years and have 3 kids, Ellis, Olivia, and Silas.

Ryan Armstrong

Ryan is the lead pastor and planter of Remnant Church in Leesburg, Florida, a microchurch movement that exists to make disciples by providing a tangible expression of God's manifested presence where the people are, in Leesburg, Lake County, and beyond. Ryan holds a Master's Degree in Church Planting from Capital Seminary through Lancaster Bible College (Lancaster, PA) and a Bachelor's of Arts in Christian Ministries from Ouachita Baptist University (Arkadelphia, AR). He has been married to Nicole for 12 years and they are the proud parents of Justice Grace (11), Josiah Ryan (8), Noah James (6) and Micah Andrew (2).

Rusty Langford

Rusty was an elder and part of The Crossing Church staff before being sent out to plant a church in Cleveland, TN.He is currently the pastor of Matthew’s Table in Cleveland, where he lives with his wife and three kids.

Cassie Langford

Cassie Langford is growing as a disciple and disciple-maker as she serves alongside her husband Rusty as a part of Matthew’s Table Church in Cleveland, TN, and one of her greatest delights is beholding Jesus in the factual and fictional stories she reads, hears, and tells.

Breakout Information

MC 101 | Tommy Rutledge

Never been in a Missional Community before?  Maybe you have been in a Missional Community but things have not progressed as expected?  Where is the visible fruit of all of the years of faithful engagement in our neighborhood?  What does the intersection of Christ and culture look like practically for a local Church?  And why would any Church choose an organizing structure that is not for members only?  These are but a small sample of questions that get raised when setting out on the journey living life together in a Missional Community.  No matter how long you have been actively engaged in a Missional Community, moving back through foundational Biblical convictions on the nature and calling of the Church is good practice for longevity.  In this introductory breakout, we’ll explore why MCs are a faithful, formational, and increasingly necessary wineskin for the local Church.

Gospel Fluency | Tommy Rutledge

Diagnosing core issues of worship in the heart has never been easy or intuitive.  The Christian life is fraught with the onslaught of personal idolatries, wordly narratives, and buried beliefs about ourselves and God that keep from progressing on into all that God has for us in Christ.  While a gospel of justification for entrance into the Kingdom of God has a long and venerated history, the sanctification journey is more checkered.  How does the gospel so often get muddied, watered down, or even lost within the flurry of religious activity?  Gospel fluency is a powerful analogy and tool that helps capture the ongoing work of repentance and renewed belief in the heart.  In this breakout, we’ll look afresh at increasing our proficiency in this new heart language as well as address practically how to foster Church cultures where this heart work can actually happen.

Intentional and Invitational Relationships | Ryan Armstrong

The goal of this session is to encourage missional living by establishing a theological framework based on the relational, intentional, and invitational God of the Bible. Looking at the unity in the godhead, the creation and fall narrative, and the incarnation, we will establish a framework for what it means to be relational beings. In addition to this, we will discover that God is intentional in everything he does as he seeks to reconcile with humanity. Finally, we will unfold the personal nature of the gospel, in that, we are invited to participate in the story.

DNA Groups - Men | Rusty Langford

We will be considering possible, if not perfect, pathways to meaningful DNA relationships and meetings where an environment for grace-motivated discipleship can be cultivated.

DNA Groups - Women | Cassie Langford

Considering some specific dynamics of women’s DNA experiences, we will explore how to make the most of DNA relationships, meetings, and multiplication.

Navigating MC's Through Hard Times | Rusty & Cassie Langford

How a culture of Jesus-following, disciple-making in community can be cultivated in any season, situation, or circumstances.

Hearing God | Jared Pickney
Want to flourish? Want to thrive? Want to experience life to the fullest in the Kingdom of God? You have to hear God’s voice and obey… that simple.

HOW exactly do we do this?

Summit Schedule

10/22 – Evening session, 6:30-8:30 (dinner not included)

10/23 – All Day, 9am – 4:30pm (lunch included)

10/24 – Keynote speaker will preach during Sunday Gathering. Lunch immediately following the service

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