Keynote Speaker

Jared Pickney

Jared lives in Paragould, AR with his wife, Meagan, and three kids - Nora Kate, Wyatt and Moses. Jared is the pastor for teaching and vision at The Crossing Church, a church he planted in 2012. The church is built around a really simple idea. To practice the way of Jesus, together, for the purpose of seeing the world look less like hell and more like heaven. Jared served as a board member for the Soma family of churches for two years, was a co-host for the Saturate podcast, and continues to coach pastors and church planters. Jared received his education from Arkansas State University and Southern Seminary. His hobbies include tennis and gardening.

Breakout Speakers

David Thew

Pastor for Planting & Pioneering at Summit Crossing.

Abe Meysenburg

Pastor for Shepherding at Summit Crossing.

Meagan Pickney

Curt Scott

Deacon and Missional Community Leader at Greenbriar Church

Jared Pickney

Pastor for teaching and vision at The Crossing Church

Breakout Information

Addressing Cultural Idols

Consider the phrase our theology determines our biography. We were created worshipping. We are a spiritual being. We cannot turn off our desire for significance, satisfaction, and justification. The question is not do you worship, but what do you worship? What stories or identities dominate your life? Who or what is directing your heart to believe those stories as a means of joy? Hear how the gospel is and should become the dominant story, the true and good story, that determines our everyday lives with one another and our neighbors. 

Family Q and A - How to include kids in our MC

Turning a weekly meeting/event into a lifestyle of community for most MC involves children. Our children are a vital part of each missional community’s success, and they need to be around gospel-centered people. Missional Community environments of life on life, life in community, and life on mission answer the question for our children, “How does the gospel impact my family and the city every day?” Children need to hear the gospel, see a genuine community, and experience dependency on the Spirit throughout the week. If gospel, community, and mission are what we want for our children, what are ways we can involve them? This breakout is a resource to get the wheels turning.

Forming and Defining Leadership in an MC

Every MC is unique. Why? Though disciples are all empowered by one Spirit each MC is formed by the stories, callings, giftings, and passions of those in it. Disciples work and rest together as a means to be disciples that make disciples. Do you know your story, calling, giftings, and passions? Do you know how to share a vision with others? How is your MC submitting to the Father, for the glory of God, the benefit of yourself, one another, and a few far from God? Do you know how to best utilize your gifts in the MC? Be equipped to establish a core team within a community that shares the load of building a spirit-led disciple-making culture.

How to Maintain and Multiply MCs

Every MC (family) is messy no matter the leader or length of time. There is no easy city to plant a church in and there is no perfect community free of pain or suffering. But a slow and steady pace of maintaining and multiplying MCs is possible when churches support, shepherd, and serve their MC leaders. MC leaders from such an empowered and encouraged posture then create healthy rhythms for their MCs. Learn how to support structures and embrace realistic expectations to address the heart, head, and hands of yourself as a means to wisely maintain and multiply healthy communities.

Intro to DNA Groups

It is valuable to be transparent to many but it is vital to be only vulnerable to a few. We are in a spiritual war with an enemy who attacks with relentless lies causing doubt amongst God’s people. When we fail to pray to the Father and we make provision for the flesh, we passively or actively turn away from God and one another. When we submit to the Father and pursue holiness everything changes. Who are the trusted few to confess sin and discover the truths of God with? Learn practical steps to engage deep friendship with gospel-intentionality as a means to a powerful fellowship with Jesus and others. 

Leadership Q and A - For MC Leaders Only

Leading is hard. MCs are messy, but they are also fruitful. We are all a work in progress. What are some unique challenges and encouraging experiences you have run into leading an MC. Hear from our keynote speaker Jared Pickney. Questions can be submitted prior to the breakout session via email at [email protected]!

Vocational Discipleship (making disciples in the workplace)

Ministry and work were never meant to be separated. A disciple’s ministry is given daily through abiding in the Father. Do you know how to hear from the Father? Do you have others who hold you accountable to seeking the Father’s will and not your own? Can you think of ways to represent Christ in your attitude, actions, and pace within the workplace? Hear a story from a business leader in our community as means to build your own story of discipleship in the workplace.

Summit Schedule

10/23 – Evening session, 6:30-8:30 (dinner not included)

10/24 – All Day, 9am – 4:30pm (lunch included)

10/25 – Keynote speaker will preach during Sunday Gathering, Lunch meeting immediately after second service

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