KIDS Home Lessons

Our Sundays are looking a little different right now! In order to support your family and create some fun opportunities for gospel conversation, we are providing a home version of our KIDS Lesson for you to share with your kids. Watch the Video Story, dance to the worship songs together and use the KIDS home lesson pdf to enjoy a few activities and conversation starters.

Dear Parents,

We know that this time can create uncertainty for our kids. How we guide the conversations over the next few weeks can set up our kids to think rightly about God's control of these (and all) situations and help them process how to love others well through all the changes. We hope these resources will be beneficial as you pause to help your kids process this odd time we are all sharing! To quote Risen Motherhood (linked below), 'Our hope is not in our health—it’s in Christ. He is risen from the dead and seated at the right hand of the Father. He’s not absent, he’s actively at work to bring about his final plans. This life and these present afflictions and hard things are preparing us for something we can’t see yet. Imagine how much we will rejoice when the new heavens and new earth appear, every tear is wiped away, and even viruses are no more.