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Are you ready to take your next step to connect with gospel-centered community? We focus on ways you can get involved at Greenbriar Church because we don't want you to busy; we want you to be fruitful!


We need people in our lives to help us grow and understand the gospel with greater clarity. This is our space to become a family of servants who are on mission to be disciples of Jesus who make disciples of Jesus!

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Partnership Experience

We call our membership "partnership" because we believe that we are most effective in reaching our city with the gospel of Jesus if we Partner with others who are also driven to make disciples and plant gospel-centered churches.

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The local church is a family! Like any healthy family, we care for each other by serving one other with our gifts, our time, and our talents. We serve in community. Just as Jesus displayed sacrificial serving with his life and with his death, we reflect his goodness to each other through service.