Juan Hernández

Rescue Mission Church | Barranquilla, Colombia

Update - February 2022
We just received your financial support, Thank you!!
Pastor Juan and the church are deeply grateful for your partnership in the gospel, may The Lord our God keep blessing your ministry and allow us to serve you in any possible way you may think about.
He asked to please share their gratitude with the church and
let them know how their faithfulness to their local church is allowing the
message of the gospel keep expanding in this part of the world
Rescue Mission Church – Iglesia Misión Rescate is in Atlántico, Colombia.
January 26   ·
The Lord is working and Pastor Juan gave this charge to the church ” The Kingdom continues to advance despite the opposition, and after its step we see many converted to the gospel. Let us go out and preach this message with confidence in the Holy Spirit, for we have the guarantee that truth will prevail over darkness.”
Things to Pray For:
Prayer for the church and for the conference that was postponed because the lecturer tested positive for Covid and for the study being brought by Pastor Juan Hernandez, as he continues the exhibition of the Book of Acts, based on the passage of Acts chapter 13:13-43.
Pastor encourages everyone: We are here to proclaim that through this man Jesus, you have the forgiveness of your sins. Acts 13:38

Edison Florez

Iglesia Reformada Calvary | Santa Marta, Colombia

Updates - June 2022
A fews days ago I spoke with pastor Edison Florez, He is very encouraged, seen how the Lord is working with the people. He is visiting the indigenous community to preach the gospel and helping in that ministry where the Lord is giving opportunity in train them for the ministry.
Pastor Edison is thankful for God’s faithfulness; his daughter Sofia is doing well and her health is stable.
She has completed the semester and will be starting her second semester soon. The children of Fundación Calvario, recently had a family retreat and it was very edifying, pastor edison was able to teach the word of God to the families of the children who are in the program. It was a good moment of brotherhood, family fun and meditation on the word of God, also a time of Unity in the role of the family.
(check the link)
Prayer Requests
Prayer for the Lord to supply their need as the economy is having greater heights of inflation which is making it harder for the ministry.
The women of the church are preparing to hold their first spiritual retreat on August 26 and 27. It is planned to have aproximately 30 sisters in a hotel in the city for two days, having fraternity and receiving some biblical teachings under the motto: United by the Gospel. (We ask for your prayers)

Ivan Capote

Iglesia Fuente de Gracia | Guayaquil, Ecuador

Updates - September 2021

Today The Vine Church laid hands on and prayed for Justin and Laurel Eccles as they are sent out to Ecuador. They will be coming as missionaries to help with Compassion Connection’s vision and mission in training others for the gospel. Watch for more information on their role with us. We are so thankful for their desire to come and serve. Please pray for them as they transition into this new adventure.
The brothers come for the training that we give here in Ecuador through the Compassion Connection ministry that is given to many pastors here in Ecuador, there are three modules where we teach them many subjects and topics of relevance in terms of pastoral ministry and leaders within the Church. Pastor Steven Youngren is the director of this ministry!

Things to pray for:

Pray for Pastor Ivan and the church for the Lord to continue guiding them as they grow in the community
Pray the Cuba will release the documents required in Ecuador for residency to be obtained for pastor Ivan’s family.
Pastor’s sons Andy and Alaimy to be able to get steady work.

John Schroeder

The Well Church | Americus, GA

Update - February 2022
What is happening: We focus on three areas, Sunday dinner and bible, The Americus Podcast, and building church relationships. 
– Sunday dinner and Bible is going well in our home. On average, 25 people attend each week. The focus is on laying a gospel foundation.
– The Americus Podcast is getting some great traction for being for the city. We have interviewed over 20 individuals and look to work with the city to build on how to neighbor well together.
– John has been meeting with leaders from the area to learn about the history and needs of the city and the Church.
Pray for – Favor in Americus
– The Americus Podcast goals for 2023 are 26 interviews, 4 Specials, and participating in 3 First Friday Events.
– The Well Church connects with at least five local churches for a long-term vision of gospel advancement.
Pray for – A location in Americus
– We acquire, in 2023, a location that accommodates at least 100 people for weekly ministry and a Sunday morning gathering.
How You can Pray:
– The lost and de-churched in Americus
– The word for the year is RESTORE. Pray for families not regularly attending church to be invited to be part of The Well Church in 2023.

– Pray for those looking for a gospel-centered community who are on mission to make disciples that make disciples will hear about The Well and join us.