Church Plant Partners

Here is a list of Church Plants we currently partner with and support. Please check out how you can personally support these churches as well by clicking on their contact!

Pete Rennie

Living Hope Church | Scotland

Updates - August 2020

We are doing well, thanks. My wife and I are expecting our first child in 4 weeks time so that’s getting very close, which we’re excited about. Covid-19 has greatly reduced here but we’re unable to meet yet as the building we rent is not yet open and they don’t know if they will be able to take us back in. We are busy looking for alternatives so would appreciate prayer for that. We feel that getting our own space is the next big step for us as a church and would really allow us to serve our community in ways we can’t just now.

We are going through a series in Isaiah just now called a Big God for little people. It’s such a rich book, we are really enjoying it – well I am at least! You can hear the messages on our website if interested. I also did an interview on the Acts 29 rural collective facebook page last week, which you can listen to. It gives a bigger picture of what God is doing among us.

Updates - September 2020

Things to pray for:

Praising the Lord for Emily and prayer for Pete and Anne as they bring her up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.

Ministry Story:

Welcoming – Emily Norah Rose Rennie.
Born Sunday at 10:59 am, weighing 7lbs. 7ozs.

Ryan Armstrong

Remnant Church | Leesburg, FL

Updates - June 2020
Update about what God is doing in Leesburg, Lake County, and beyond!
This month, I was invited by Reproducing Churches to share about what we’re doing as a Microchurch. It was great to get an opportunity to encourage other pastors who may be trying to reimagine ministry in this shifting season.
God has been connecting us with people and giving us opportunities to share the gospel both in word and action. My neighbor (Nick), who is in his 20s suffered heart failure and was resuscitated by his mother-in-law and recently went through surgery. This has opened the door for me to be a light through prayer and serving them. I was able to get my D-Huddle together to help cut their grass and also my wife and I were able to cook them a meal. They have been extremely grateful for our continued prayers and support during this process.
The reality is that there are all kinds of opportunities to serve all around us and we want to be sensitive to where those opportunities are and step into them, even if it means sacrificing our own time together.
Pray that as we continue helping them through this difficult season that we will have opportunities to share the gospel.
Many of us have had multiple opportunities to share the Gospel with people we came in contact with this month. I’ve heard from our people they are having conversations in Walmart, at the park, on their jobs, and with their neighbors. This is really a testament of God’s growing us as mature disciples.

Russell McCutcheon

Reconciliation Church | Knightdale, NC

Updates - August 2020

An update from Pastor Russell:

Please pray for us in planting during this pandemic.  We are scheduled to launch this Fall.  God is meeting us as we gather outside to walk through the book of Jonah.  I have a pastor who has decided to join me in planting Reconciliation Church.  Please pray that I am able to continue to raise the financial resources we need.  Also, pray that I will be able to raise 1/3 of the new person’s salary so that he could join our staff (16K).

Updates - September 2020

Things to pray for:

Pray that the Lord continue to give them wisdom as they go forward!

Ministry Story:

Reconciliation Church – They are giving Glory to God for the gathering at Knightdale Station Park to worship as they welcome old and new friends.


Juan Hernández

Rescue Mission Church | Barranquilla, Colombia

Update - June 2021

Report from Pastor Juan; Santa Marta and Barranquilla have been in mandatory isolation, since the beginning of April. they started the measures again, we are having a curfew from 6:00 pm every day and the weekend begins on Friday at 6:00 pm and ends on Monday at 5:00 AM. We can also leave according to the number of the identity card indicates us. Cases have risen and clinics are collapsed.

But, our eyes on the King, who is the one who sustains us and helps us to walk firmly. He is our refuge and strength in tribulation, so we rest in the Lord.

Edison Florez

Iglesia Reformada Calvary | Santa Marta, Colombia

Updates - June 2021

Greetings Family of God! I hope you are well.

I always remember the family in the faith of the Greenbriar church, I would like to meet them whenever possible in person. I thank God for his service and support to the missions. We pray to continue advancing in our brotherhood and expansion of the gospel.

I share the good news that last Sunday, the Calvary Church met, after 3 months without being able to meet face to face, due to the high contagions of Covid in Santa Marta. I also share some recent photos. We have distributed food and milk for the Venezuelan community and Colombians in need.

Ivan Capote

Iglesia Fuente de Gracia | Guayaquil, Ecuador

Updates - November 2020

Things to pray for:

Continue to pray for Pastor Ivan and his church to find a place for their church to meet. The property they were looking to rent was not willing to work with them. They are working with two other possibilities, this week.

Ministry Story:

He is thankful that things are going better. They are getting more audience as he use media in reaching out to more people.

Updates - February 2021

Things to pray for:

1- Pray for the Church to feel passion for the lost.

2- Pray for the Church to unite more.

3- Pray for the Church to stay together.

Ministry Story: 

I thank God who has sustained us in the midst of everything that is 
happening around us 
and how God has maintained our 
Fuente de Gracia Church in the midst of so 
much crisis due to the COVID-19 virus 

Jordan Floro

Gospel City Fellowship | Queens, NY

Updates - June 2021

Brother Jordan’s blessings

A couple weeks ago, I started sharing the Gospel with this guy on my street. His name is Ray and he hangs out on a corner near my apartment. He’s typically intoxicated and high. We’ve been having lots of conversations. Come to find out, three years ago, he attacked a local pastor. He was high and in a drug fit and the pastor happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Since this attack, this Pastor, Silvanus, has been praying for him to come to know Jesus. Ray has been released from prison and has been hanging on our street. We made the connection and God has been working like crazy in Ray’s life since. Amazing..
Well on Saturday, Ray calls me because his Muslim friend was at a spiritual crossroad and really struggling. Ray asked if I could come talk to Hassan.

Praise the Lord for how he is working! This is what is happening now:

I come to meet with Hassan with no idea what to expect. Hassan tells me that he’s been struggling and he meets these two guys in the park who are feeding the homeless. They start sharing the Gospel with him and it totally wrecks him. The next day, he’s talking with Ray and that’s when Ray called me. Hassan tells me he’s Muslim and starts asking me some really pointed questions about Jesus. Almost aggressively.. I then ask what his goal is and he says, “if I’m going to walk away from Islam, it’s going to be because I know that Jesus can save me.” I take him to a local restaurant and bought his dinner. As we talked, I walked through a couple of passages with him and he tells me that he wants to leave Islam and follow Jesus.

The next day, Hassan comes with my family and I to the church we’ve been attending and asks if he’d be able to come on a weekly basis with us. We’ve also been able to meet this week to start discipleship through studying the book of John together. When he came on Monday, he brought with him a friend, Charley, who is a Muslim that is seeking, and the two men who shared with him in the park. They are starting a house church movement focused on reaching immigrants in our neighborhood. It’s truly amazing how God has brought all of these pieces together!

Please continue to pray for our ministry! Please pray specifically for Hassan as he and I walk through discipleship. Also, please pray for Ray, who even in his current rejection of Jesus, is actively leading others to Him. Pray for his salvation. Please also pray for Charley, Hassan’s Muslim friend who he brought with him to Bible study. Finally, please pray for Aiden and Ed who were the House Church planters that are ministering in our neighborhood.

I am so grateful for your prayers. Please continue! God is moving.

Brian Berl

Moultrie Church Plant | Moultrie, GA

Update - February 2021

Ministry Story:

We are going to start weekly prospective “launch-team” meetings for people who are interested in helping start the church (mid-Feb – May). There are 7-9 families who’ve previously indicated interest in helping plant the church. I am meeting with each family to update them on our vision and see who’s interested in our launch group meetings this semester. I met with 3 of the families this past week. 2 families were a “yes”, and I’m waiting to hear back from the third. I plan to meet with the remaining families in the next 2 weeks.

Jeth Looney

Doxa Church | Clay County , FL

Updates - February 2021

Things to pray for:

Please pray that God will give us a home to facilitate our vision and mission. Pray that God will make us disciples that are theologically robust, yet completely humble, honest, and practice hospitality in the ordinary things of life. Pray for upcoming Good Friday and Easter gatherings.

Ministry Story:

A sweet family at our church began attending about a year ago. The wife visited after moving here while her husband was still working in another state. Her children’s pediatrician invited her. Since then, she has professed faith and their family has been gathering with our community groups and faithfully serving. They are so joyful and happy to be a part of what God is doing. They are a very welcome addition.