Church Plant Partners

Here is a list of Church Plants we currently partner with and support. Please check out how you can personally support these churches as well by clicking on their contact!

Pete Rennie

Living Hope Church | Scotland

Updates - August 2020

We are doing well, thanks. My wife and I are expecting our first child in 4 weeks time so that’s getting very close, which we’re excited about. Covid-19 has greatly reduced here but we’re unable to meet yet as the building we rent is not yet open and they don’t know if they will be able to take us back in. We are busy looking for alternatives so would appreciate prayer for that. We feel that getting our own space is the next big step for us as a church and would really allow us to serve our community in ways we can’t just now.

We are going through a series in Isaiah just now called a Big God for little people. It’s such a rich book, we are really enjoying it – well I am at least! You can hear the messages on our website if interested. I also did an interview on the Acts 29 rural collective facebook page last week, which you can listen to. It gives a bigger picture of what God is doing among us.

Updates - September 2020

Things to pray for:

Praising the Lord for Emily and prayer for Pete and Anne as they bring her up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.

Ministry Story:

Welcoming – Emily Norah Rose Rennie.
Born Sunday at 10:59 am, weighing 7lbs. 7ozs.

Ryan Armstrong

Remnant Church | Leesburg, FL

Updates - August 2020

An update from Pastor Ryan: 

Thanks for reaching out. I have been blessed and encouraged by the support of Greenbriar Church for the last year. God has been gracious in the midst of this pandemic, providing all that we need to continue the mission of reaching the city of Leesburg. We have been asking the Lord to clearly define the “how” as we seek to fulfill his calling to join him at work here. We feel more and more certain about the direction he’s been leading us towards, we just ask that you continue to pray that we might be led by the Spirit of God as we join the work of God. We are preparing to do a soft launch in October which will give us an opportunity to begin the process of how Remnant will be used in 2021 and beyond. I am looking forward to see how God moves through us!

Grace & Peace,

Russell McCutcheon

Reconciliation Church | Knightdale, NC

Updates - August 2020

An update from Pastor Russell:

Please pray for us in planting during this pandemic.  We are scheduled to launch this Fall.  God is meeting us as we gather outside to walk through the book of Jonah.  I have a pastor who has decided to join me in planting Reconciliation Church.  Please pray that I am able to continue to raise the financial resources we need.  Also, pray that I will be able to raise 1/3 of the new person’s salary so that he could join our staff (16K).

Updates - September 2020

Things to pray for:

Pray that the Lord continue to give them wisdom as they go forward!

Ministry Story:

Reconciliation Church – They are giving Glory to God for the gathering at Knightdale Station Park to worship as they welcome old and new friends.


Juan Hernández

Rescue Mission Church | Barranquilla, Colombia

Updates - August 2020

On behalf of all the members of Rescue Mission Church in Barranquilla- Colombia, we extend to you an affectionate greeting, hoping the Lord will continue to strengthen your lives in a big way, and leading you to greater growth in Jesus Christ. It is for us a great blessing to be able to share with you what the Lord has been doing in the midst of our congregation while facing this time which represents a challenge to all levels, especially in regard to the faith of each one of the members of the church and its steadfastness in clinging to biblical truth.

The pandemic of Covid-19 and the management that has been given in our country has represented a great challenge to all Colombians.

Regarding the Bible seminar, we are pleased that despite the fact that the face-to-face classes had to be interrupted due to the pandemic, we have been able to continue with the virtual modality of the seminar with students who live outside the city. A month ago we began a process of organizing the databases of students who are currently studying virtually.

Currently the virtual seminar has more than 300 students
living in Colombia and other countries such as Mexico, Peru, Ecuador and Argentina.

Prayer Requests
We will really appreciate you join us in prayer for the following:

  • Pray for the spiritual growth of all members in the midst of this crisis caused by the pandemic in our city.
  • Pray for children and the elderly as they are the most affected by the confinement measures that have been established in the city. This group of people have not been able to go out for almost four months.
  • Pray for the speedy recovery of church members who have been infected by Covid 19.
  • Pray that we will soon be able to resume the face-to face classes of the Bible seminar.
  • Pray for the finances of church members who have been hard hit by the pandemic.
Updates - September 2020

Things to pray for:

Please pray as they start classes in 2 weeks with some people attending onsite an others online!! Also pray for pastoral training on September the 18th, and the gathering at church planting in Puerto Colombia.

Ministry Story:

Rescue Mission Church –
They are thankful for how the Lord is working in allowing them to meet again at church – 35% of the building capacity and restarting seminary classes last week.

Edison Florez

Iglesia Reformada Calvary | Santa Marta, Colombia

Updates - August 2020

An update from Pastor Edison:

I inform you that by the Grace of God we continue to persevere in the Lord and with great desire to continue serving the work of the Kingdom of God in Santa Marta, Colombia. As a family, we ask for prayer for my daughter Sofía Florez, who has been suffering from a skin (armpit) disease called hydradenitis, has been in this for 3 years. Two months ago, she received horizontal surgery on the right armpit to remove the affected skin and assess whether it improves. It has been quite a painful process for my daughter Sofía, who turned 16 in April. Currently, she is treated by a personal nurse who is responsible for cleaning and applying medications to the armpits. The doctors who have seen her recommended moving us because it was very hot where we lived and it does not help her recovery process. This week we managed to rent a house with better ventilation and more space. (We pray that we can fulfill this new commitment)

In relation to the ministerial meeting, we are holding virtual meetings for the life of Facebook and zoom, in this way we keep in touch with the Church. The Colombian government has denied opening to churches due to the pandemic and contagion. It is said that they will not open for this year 2020. As a church we pray to have technological tools to be in contact with our people, we are not adequately prepared with the necessary resources, I am using my phone to make Internet transmissions, We had a small video camera , but it was damaged, its useful life expired.

On the other hand, we have been providing food and some financial resources for 16 families affected by the pandemic, several of these families are unemployed and others have reduced their wages. It is our desire to continue serving in this way, if the Lord so requires.

Regarding the teachings or the sermons, I am teaching the Colossians letter on Sundays, consecutively, we recently finished Philippians. On Friday nights we have various devotional themes, it is a time of prayer, song and meditation on the word. On Wednesdays we are studying at 6pm in zoom with a group of between 15 and 20 brothers, theology classes. We recently finished Pastor John Piper’s book in God’s amazement and started a commentary on the book of Revelation 2 weeks ago, it’s more of a general commentary on each chapter of the book.

Once, thanks for keeping in touch, supporting us, and praying …

In Christ,

Edison Florez z.