Church Plant Partners

Here is a list of Church Plants we currently partner with and support. Please check out how you can personally support these churches as well by clicking on their contact!

Pete Rennie

Living Hope Church | Scotland

Updates - August 2020

We are doing well, thanks. My wife and I are expecting our first child in 4 weeks time so that’s getting very close, which we’re excited about. Covid-19 has greatly reduced here but we’re unable to meet yet as the building we rent is not yet open and they don’t know if they will be able to take us back in. We are busy looking for alternatives so would appreciate prayer for that. We feel that getting our own space is the next big step for us as a church and would really allow us to serve our community in ways we can’t just now.

We are going through a series in Isaiah just now called a Big God for little people. It’s such a rich book, we are really enjoying it – well I am at least! You can hear the messages on our website if interested. I also did an interview on the Acts 29 rural collective facebook page last week, which you can listen to. It gives a bigger picture of what God is doing among us.

Updates - September 2020

Things to pray for:

Praising the Lord for Emily and prayer for Pete and Anne as they bring her up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.

Ministry Story:

Welcoming – Emily Norah Rose Rennie.
Born Sunday at 10:59 am, weighing 7lbs. 7ozs.

Ryan Armstrong

Remnant Church | Leesburg, FL

Updates - February 2021
Remnant Church is continuing to journey on the discipleship path as we continue to replicate disciples who make disciples in Leesburg and Lake County. We have 2 new groups of people going through a 12-month accelerated spiritual growth pathway. We have also been instrumental in being able to partner to support a new church plant (One Family Church) in Apopka, Florida. We have a goal to partner to help support 1 other plant as well as Big Life (a global disciple making movement).
Pastor Armstrong and the church theme this year is Believe BIG. It’s all about believing in a BIG God who can do BIG things in BIG ways through small people. We are convinced that God doesn’t need many, but a faithful few who will commit to being available for his use. Our vision is to reach all of Leesburg and Lake County with the gospel in the next 10-12 years. To do this takes 1) prayerful dependence on the Holy Spirit; 2) personal ownership of the mission; and 3) prioritizing disciple-making.
Things to Pray For:
Pastor Armstrong asks for continued prayers for him and for his wife Nicole, as they navigate the rough waters of ministry together. Sometimes it can be difficult and we want to operate together on the same page united in harmony. We appreciate how you and Greenbriar continue to lift us up.

Russell McCutcheon

Reconciliation Church | Knightdale, NC

Updates - December 2021

An update from Pastor Russell:

Events from the last few months:
Reconciliation ChurchOn September 21
The men of Reconciliation have been meeting weekly on Thursday mornings to read through and study the Bible together. Interested in joining them? They meet from 6:30-8 AM Thursdays at New York Diner in Knightdale.On October 20
“Fall” away from it all for a few hours of fellowship with the ladies of Reconciliation—Join us on Saturday, November 6th from 9-11 AM for a time of teaching and fellowship. Ellen Womack will be leading a study in 1 and 2 Kings, and breakfast will be provided. Location TBDNovember 12
Join Reconciliation Church on Sundays at 4 as we discover what the Church’s mission has been from the beginning and how it empowers us to go forth into the world.
A little bit more about us: Reconciliation Church is displaying the glory of Jesus Christ to all nations by making disciples in SE Raleigh and Knightdale.On November 17
We’re so excited to give out our kids’ Advent zines from StoryMakers NYC! These 4-week Advent zines walk through a verse and theme each week with a few activities, and they explore how Christians around the world celebrate the Christmas season. Pick one up this Sunday or next!On November 22
We’re excited to be giving away these 4-week Advent devotionals. During this busy time of year, we want to provide a space for reflection and meditation on what God has done for us through the birth of Christ. Inside this booklet are 4 weekly devotionals written by Reconciliation Church staff, with each one focusing on a theme and verse of Advent. Grab one this Sunday, or view the digital version here:
Reconciliation Women will gather for a time of teaching and fellowship this Saturday, December 4th from 9-11 AM. Ellen Womack will be leading a time of study in 1 and 2 Kings, and breakfast will be provided. We invite all women to join us at Knightdale UMC.

Juan Hernández

Rescue Mission Church | Barranquilla, Colombia

Update - February 2022
We just received your financial support, Thank you!!
Pastor Juan and the church are deeply grateful for your partnership in the gospel, may The Lord our God keep blessing your ministry and allow us to serve you in any possible way you may think about.
He asked to please share their gratitude with the church and
let them know how their faithfulness to their local church is allowing the
message of the gospel keep expanding in this part of the world
Rescue Mission Church – Iglesia Misión Rescate is in Atlántico, Colombia.
January 26   ·
The Lord is working and Pastor Juan gave this charge to the church ” The Kingdom continues to advance despite the opposition, and after its step we see many converted to the gospel. Let us go out and preach this message with confidence in the Holy Spirit, for we have the guarantee that truth will prevail over darkness.”
Things to Pray For:
Prayer for the church and for the conference that was postponed because the lecturer tested positive for Covid and for the study being brought by Pastor Juan Hernandez, as he continues the exhibition of the Book of Acts, based on the passage of Acts chapter 13:13-43.
Pastor encourages everyone: We are here to proclaim that through this man Jesus, you have the forgiveness of your sins. Acts 13:38

Edison Florez

Iglesia Reformada Calvary | Santa Marta, Colombia

Updates - June 2022
A fews days ago I spoke with pastor Edison Florez, He is very encouraged, seen how the Lord is working with the people. He is visiting the indigenous community to preach the gospel and helping in that ministry where the Lord is giving opportunity in train them for the ministry.
Pastor Edison is thankful for God’s faithfulness; his daughter Sofia is doing well and her health is stable.
She has completed the semester and will be starting her second semester soon. The children of Fundación Calvario, recently had a family retreat and it was very edifying, pastor edison was able to teach the word of God to the families of the children who are in the program. It was a good moment of brotherhood, family fun and meditation on the word of God, also a time of Unity in the role of the family.
(check the link)
Prayer Requests
Prayer for the Lord to supply their need as the economy is having greater heights of inflation which is making it harder for the ministry.
The women of the church are preparing to hold their first spiritual retreat on August 26 and 27. It is planned to have aproximately 30 sisters in a hotel in the city for two days, having fraternity and receiving some biblical teachings under the motto: United by the Gospel. (We ask for your prayers)

Ivan Capote

Iglesia Fuente de Gracia | Guayaquil, Ecuador

Updates - September 2021

Today The Vine Church laid hands on and prayed for Justin and Laurel Eccles as they are sent out to Ecuador. They will be coming as missionaries to help with Compassion Connection’s vision and mission in training others for the gospel. Watch for more information on their role with us. We are so thankful for their desire to come and serve. Please pray for them as they transition into this new adventure.
The brothers come for the training that we give here in Ecuador through the Compassion Connection ministry that is given to many pastors here in Ecuador, there are three modules where we teach them many subjects and topics of relevance in terms of pastoral ministry and leaders within the Church. Pastor Steven Youngren is the director of this ministry!

Things to pray for:

Pray for Pastor Ivan and the church for the Lord to continue guiding them as they grow in the community
Pray the Cuba will release the documents required in Ecuador for residency to be obtained for pastor Ivan’s family.
Pastor’s sons Andy and Alaimy to be able to get steady work.

Jordan Floro

Gospel City Fellowship | Queens, NY

Updates - December 2021
Fall ’21 Update!
This Fall, we have seen some incredible momentum here in Sunnyside! Through outreach events and connecting with new friends here in NYC, our core team is developing, and I am optimistic that God is doing something special amongst the several individuals he’s forming into Gospel City Fellowship.
Backpack Giveaway
Our Fall kicked off with an incredible Backpack Giveaway that had a great response from our neighbors! Because of the generosity from some great partners, we were able to hand out over 100 backpacks that were filled with school supplies and a children’s Bible! We also were able to meet many of our neighbors who we previously didn’t know, which has already given us a great deal of credibility in our neighborhood!
Core Team Meetings
We have begun having regular Core Team meetings with individuals who are committed to planting Gospel City Fellowship and serving on our ministry team. This is an incredible group of people who are quickly becoming family to us. Each person brings with them a unique set of talents that will be valuable to our community as we minister to our community. On our team we have worship leaders, artists, children’s ministry leaders, disciple group leaders, a videographer, and more! Each of them are passionate about seeing God move in Sunnyside through planting Gospel City! Some have grown up in Queens and others have answered God’s calling to relocate here to New York City! It has been exciting to partner with this extraordinary group of individuals!
Park Ministry
Much of our ministry focus on the neighborhood has been at Rainbow Park. This is a place of intersection for many people who live in our community. On any given day, you will interact with individuals from all walks of life. On one side of the park, you’ll see older men from all over the world playing cards just a few steps away from high school aged kids playing basketball. A short walk from the basketball courts are playgrounds crawling with young kids and their parents.Through regularly going to this park, we have met many parents who we’ve been steadily building relationships with. It has been so helpful in learning about the needs in our community and how our church can step into those spaces to meet needs.
As a church, we’ve been able to have a regular presence in the park that has proven to be a great way to connect with our neighbors. We’ve partnered with other neighborhood groups to organize park clean-ups and beautification projects. Through picking up trash, planting flowers, and laying mulch, we’ve been able to communicate Christ’s love in tangible ways. We’ve also had several conversations about our new church coming to the community!
Looking Ahead
As we head into the holiday season, we’re going to continue to give people an accurate picture of Jesus through the way that we love and serve our neighbors. We’re looking ahead to a Coat Giveaway event that we’re doing on December 4th.
We are also ramping up the regularity of Gospel City Fellowship events and meetings. In addition to meeting with our Core Team, we are planning on starting Disciple Groups for our community. These will be spaces where people can discover and deepen a relationship with Jesus during a caring community.Year End Giving
Everything we’ve been able to do already has been made possible by the generosity of churches and individuals who have faithfully supported us through prayer and financial support through regular weekly and monthly contributions. You have had directly impacted hundreds of families here in New York City. Every spiritual conversation, prayer with a neighbor, park cleanup, school partnership, or any other spiritual work is possible because of God’s provision through you.
These gifts provided for the personal and financial needs for us to be able to minister to the specific needs of our neighborhood. If you’ve ever prayed, partnered with us on mission, or given financially toward the work we’re doing, thank you!
As we continue to look ahead to launching in 2022, we hope to build our staff and empower them to lead ministries that positively impact our community. We are also preparing to launch Sunday services in 2022. Both endeavors increase our financial needs significantly.We are in great need to start 2022 off strong financially. Would you consider making a one-time gift or commit to monthly giving? One-time gifts will help us start strong financially this upcoming year by giving us freedom to meet needs immediately as they arise. Monthly commitments help us plan our regular on-going community ministry. Both are essential in this season of church planting.Our mission is bold and costly but is made possible through the faithful support of churches and individuals like you!

Brian Berl

Moultrie Church Plant | Moultrie, GA

Update - September 2021

Dear friends,

I am writing to give you an update on some difficult hardships we’ve been walking through and to ask for your prayer. I’ve intended to write this update for several months but have been unable to do so because of various health and/or family hardships.

In brief, I have been diagnosed as a “covid longhauler” from a rough bout of covid last October. My “longhauler” symptoms started the first week of January. I have experienced various versions of horrible headaches, dizziness, insomnia, brain fog, fatigue, and/or nausea on almost a daily basis since then. At first, I didn’t understand what was happening. I just thought I kept getting random sicknesses each week, and I tried to fight through it. As time progressed, we began to realize something was wrong, and through various medical tests, I was diagnosed a “covid longhauler” in April. By the end of April, my symptoms had become so debilitating that I had to pause ministry efforts. For the past several months, life has been so difficult that we have just been trying to make it on a weekly basis.

Additionally, in early June, Sydney developed severe insomnia and anxiety from some really hard circumstances involving my health & our kids being sick. Sydney had to stay up several nights in a row to care for our sick kids. When our kids got better, Sydney couldn’t fall asleep. Basically, Sydney’s body seemed to go into a “fight or flight” mode, and she was awake for over a week (we tried almost everything legal to get her to sleep). Since then, she’s wrestled with severe insomnia which has led to fairly severe night-time anxiety and a few panic-attacks (extremely unpleasant). Almost every night has been a question mark as to whether or how long she’ll be able to sleep. She’s had two stretches where she’s hardly slept for over a week and most recently didn’t sleep for a ~2.5 week-stretch in August. Adding Sydney’s insomnia to my covid longhaulers has made caring for ourselves & 3 small kids very difficult. Thankfully, we’ve recently found a medication that has allowed her to fall asleep more consistently for the past 2 weeks.

We have been very thankful for the various ways friends & family have sought to care for us in this season. We do believe that God will bring us through this, and that one day, we’ll be able to look back with thanksgiving on what God did in our lives through it. At the same time, it’s been a brutal season, and we hope it ends soon.
Anyways, I wanted to send a brief update and ask for your prayers as we continue to walk through this very challenging and long season. I’m listing some specific prayer requests below.In Christ,
Brian & Sydney
Things To Pray For:
For strength to continue to endure, to keep hoping, and to keep holding on to faith.
For Brian’s health: for reduced symptoms; for energy & ability to spend time with God & to help with the family; for good sleep; for the ability to have joy & contentment in the midst of hardship; & for full deliverance & healing.
For Sydney to be able to fall asleep and sleep throughout the night; to be able to sleep with less and less medication; for her night-time anxiety
For God to sustain our marriage, household, and family.
For strength & energy for us in parenting 3 small kids; & for Hudson, Josie, & Adah to know God’s grace & goodness.
For us to be able to display the fruit of the Spirit, even when we’re exhausted and in pain.
For God to use these hardships to form in us greater Christlike character that we may have more peace, hope, love, & joy.

Jeth Looney

Doxa Church | Clay County , FL

Updates - February 2021

Things to pray for:

Please pray that God will give us a home to facilitate our vision and mission. Pray that God will make us disciples that are theologically robust, yet completely humble, honest, and practice hospitality in the ordinary things of life. Pray for upcoming Good Friday and Easter gatherings.

Ministry Story:

A sweet family at our church began attending about a year ago. The wife visited after moving here while her husband was still working in another state. Her children’s pediatrician invited her. Since then, she has professed faith and their family has been gathering with our community groups and faithfully serving. They are so joyful and happy to be a part of what God is doing. They are a very welcome addition.