How to Think Through the 2020 Election in a Gospel-Centered Way

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How to Think Through the 2020 Election in a Gospel-Centered Way 

  1. If your preferred candidate won
    – Remember, though your preferred candidate won that he is still a flawed man, and he is imperfect, yet we have a true king who has never fallen and will always rule justly. Trust Jesus more.
    – Remember, as good as victory feels now, there is a greater victory that has already taken place, one that is eternal and not temporary. Worship Jesus.
    – Remember that our ultimate trust is not in horses and chariots, but in the Lord Jesus Christ who reigns forever. He is the better representative than your candidate. Thank Jesus today.
    – Remember, no man can ever solidify your security and comfort, but Jesus promises your security and comfort are eternal. Dwell on the things above today.
    – Remember, the kingdoms of the earth will all pass away, therefore, even our kingdom of America cannot eternally secure us, but Jesus, the king of His kingdom can and will. Love God and love your neighbor.

  2. If your preferred candidate lost 
    – Remember, God is sovereign. He uses everything that happens to bring about His ultimate will. Follow Him and be faithful to Him – that is what matters. Follow Jesus today.
    – Remember, keep your eyes on the King of the kingdom that never fades, He is the only One who can bring you true security, justice, and comfort. Trust Jesus today.
    – Remember, the king’s heart is in the Lord’s hand. The Lord is not lost or absent – He is working all things out for your good and benefit. Be faithful to what is before you today.
    – Remember, you already have the greatest victory in Christ – there is none any greater. Your identity as Chrisitan far exceeds that of citizens. Love God and love your neighbor today.

  3. If you have disengaged from politics 
    – Disengaging from politics may not be so bad, but just make sure not to disengage from God’s Word, prayer, and God’s people. Practice Spiritual disciplines.
    – Disengaging from politics is one thing, but keep being engaged in the needs of others around you. Love your enemies and love your neighbor.
    – Disengaging from politics may bring peace of mind, but remember your true peace of mind comes from engaging Christ – don’t shrink back from HIM. Practice spiritual disciplines. 
    – Disengaging from politics may have come from a loss of faith in man, just remember, you have a faithful Savior who will never let you down. Abide in Him today.

    Tim Bice