We gather each Sunday at 10:00am.

We gather together to worship God through song, preaching of the Bible, and sharing of the sacraments as part of a community, set apart for the glory of God.

We gather to be refreshed by the hope in the message Jesus Christ, to be realigned by sound doctrine.

We gather to celebrate our new life in Jesus Christ together and to learn how to be gospel-centered in all of life.

We gather to be equipped to go out and make disciples of Jesus in our every day lives!


Where do you meet?

We meet at 3404 Gillionville Road, Albany, GA.

When should I get there?

We encourage you to come about 20 minutes early so you can check your kids into their areas and enjoy some coffee with us in our Mission Cafe.

What should I wear?

We dress pretty casually at Greenbriar, and we want you feel to comfortable wearing a 3-piece suit or jeans.

What does your service look like?

We open each service by worshipping through song and reading the Scriptures. One of our pastor elders preaches a message that is typically part of a series we are going through as a church. At the end of each service we have a time of response that includes communion for believers, prayer, and taking your Next Step with Jesus or with our church. 


Download our app to get updates and follow along the sermon notes.

Sundays  for  Kids

 Sunday mornings are fun, gospel-driven environments where we teach the story of God on a kid-level through games, story and song. We have environments for nursery through 5th grade. Read more about our Kids Ministry here.


Kids Check-in

 We use electronic check-in for our kids areas. Click here to learn more.


Mission Cafe

Pete and Anne Rennie    Living Hope Church , Inverness, Scotland

Pete and Anne Rennie

Living Hope Church, Inverness, Scotland


Enjoy a cup of coffee with us in our Mission Cafe! See the church planters, missionaries and local projects you support with your purchases in the Cafe.