Life is difficult. 

It's not fun to think about, but the current reality for all of us in varying degrees.  Trials, tribulations, the sins of others, our own sins, and the broken condition of our world cause us pain, frustration, and can be overwhelming.

Thankfully, we know that God has not left us alone to navigate life.  He has given us direction and help for living a faithful, God honoring life through three main channels - His Word (the Bible), His Spirit (in conjunction with His Word), and His people.  All three of these work together to help us grow in joyful obedience to Christ, not just in the absence of trials, but as we walk through the trials and sufferings we will endure in a fallen and broken world.

Though every believer should be living life through all three channels, there are times when we get off track and aren’t sure how to get back.  We don’t know what God’s Word says about our struggle, we can’t discern the guidance of the Holy Spirit, we are too trapped in the sin we are struggling with to know what to do next, or the people in our lives can’t lead us toward comfort in and obedience to Christ.  


This is where we at Greenbriar Church believe Biblical Counseling comes in.


 Biblical Counseling is a focused, intensive effort to gain a Christ-centered, Biblical perspective of your situation so you can:

  • Experience the grace of the gospel of Jesus Christ, both for ways you may have sinned and ways you may have been sinned against
  • Understand what scripture says about how God lovingly commands you to live in His design for your life
  • Be motivated by God’s love for you through Christ so you actually want to obey His commands


     Counseling at Greenbriar involves a series of meetings (usually 2-8 sessions) during which a counselor meets with an individual or couple to develop a course of action aimed at achieving the three goals listed above.  We don’t want you to be dependent on a counselor.  Our goal at the end of counseling is equipping you with direction, resources, and gospel-centered community to walk through life with you.



Counseling FAQs

  • Is there a charge for counseling?
    • There is no charge for an initial meeting to determine the counseling needs for anyone
    • We provide pastoral counseling free of charge for Partners (members) of Greenbriar Church
    • We charge $50 per hour for counseling for anyone who is not a Partner of Greenbriar Church
    • Financial assistance is available to non-Partners 
  • What days and times do you offer counseling?
    • Most counseling is scheduled on Sunday or Monday, but we can accommodate most any schedule
  • What kinds of counseling do you offer?
    • As of right now, the counseling we offer is done by pastors and is primarily focused on marriage, pre-marriage, family, and spiritual guidance.  We know some people will have counseling needs that are outside our area of expertise and/or experience, and for those situations we have several trusted counselors we can connect you with.  If we refer you out to another counselor, we will set a regular time to follow up with you to make sure you are getting the help you need.